Finding Time to 'Make'!

Between my three children (the eldest of whom turns four tomorrow. Four!) and the mess and dirty washing they create, their need to be fed several times a day, the ongoing entertainment, as well as catering to their every whim, you can imagine that I don't get a lot of time for crafting. Even as I type this, there is a gorgeous wee 8-month old treasure gurlging at my feet and tugging at the ends of my dressing gown (yes, thats right, 10:13am and I am still in my pj's - its very cold, okay!!) and I can hear the chaotic sounds of a 2 and 3 year old jumping on their beds and pulling toys out of the toyboxes and throwing them around their bedroom with reckless abandon.

However, when the silence descends at about 7pm each night, after the dirty dishes have been put away, when the toys have been put in their rightful places (AGAIN) and the familiar opening notes of Shortland Street begin, thats when its time for me to surround myself with papers, cutters, inks and punches. Most nights I make cards, but when I have an order for a tee or onesie, I get out the fabric, sewing machine, iron and buttons. I'm knitting at the moment too. There are only a few hours each night in which to create, and I usually find myself staying up far too late, in order to make the pleasure of 'making' last just a little bit longer. Or, perhaps just to finish the job I'm working on and keep another customer happy.

This month I had my first table at a craft market, and though it wasn't the overwhelming success I had hoped it would be, it has given me lots of new ideas and inspiration. Next month will be epic. I'm brimming with ideas, but finding the time to bring these ideas to fruition is proving a challenge. But watch this space, I have plenty of ideas for cool 'stuff' coming your way soon.

Monster Birthday Invitations; These are the front side, the back will have the party details, and they measure about 5x7" (slightly bigger than a standard gift card):

My decorated Onesie's and Tee's. These garments are all proudly New Zealand made and are made to order (tailor made with your choice of design, colour and size).

Tiny Kiwi at the Titirangi Mums Craft Market in July. We will be at the next market on August 13th as well.

But for now, I need to go and get dressed! 8 and a bit hours to go until I can craft!


  1. Oh where, oh where to find the time!?!!?!!!?!! I foolishly set up my sewing station in the converted playroom...down in the COLD garage. Hmmm, since the cold snap out put has come to a complete HALT.

    Horrendously jealous of your applique by the way, I have nowhere near that level of finesse yet!



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