Fathers Day, and Halloween?

Just one week til Fathers Day, when we can show and tell the special men in our lives how much they mean to us. Hubby and I are lucky to have both of our dads still with us, so we'll need to get our thinking caps on this week to find that special wee gift for them - my usual "photos of the kids" gift has been back-benched this year due to an untimely breakout of chicken pox for all three girls - but of course, cards will be no problem this year.

The August market at Titirangi was a lot of fun, and I have signed up for the September market in a few weeks time as well. This month I had all my Fathers Day Cards displayed on the table at the market, as well as on my Facebook page, and I'm really pleased that I have sold more than half of the stock that I made up. With a week still to go, I'm going to try and sell off the last few in the next few days with a wee giveaway.

I also had jars of jellybeans labelled "Dragon Food" "Princess Pills" and "Magic Beans" on my table, and a stand of knitted cupcakes arranged on a cupcake tower. The goal was to draw the kids over to the table, with their parents in hot pursuit, and as far as strategies go, it seemed to be successful, so it will be repeated next month for sure! Just a shame that the unsold jars all seem to have mysteriously disappeared over the last couple of weeks!!!

I have a few ideas floating around my head about expanding the range of items that I can do my appliques onto. People love the designs on my Onesies and Tee's, but because they are made-to-order there is nothing for market-folk to take home with them on the day, which can be a bit offputting for the buyer. (Due to the range of colours, sizes and designs it is very difficult to hold stock of these items). So I wanted to add a few non-clothing items with my designs on them. I got wildly excited about the possibilities, but quickly realised my sewing skills aren't up to scratch, so I have signed my very clever mummy up to give me some sewing lessons in the near future and hope to add to my range soon.

Naturally I am still pottering along with making up new cards and invitations too.

This wee beauty is a new 'spider and cobweb' embossing folder that I bought last week. Mainly I wanted to add something boyish to my collection - there are *so* many options for girls, but not much out there for boys! I thought spiders were nice and masculine, but when it arrived the colours that sprang to mind were black and orange.... Halloween anyone? I am making this up in a few other colourways as well, it would be nice if it had a bit of versatility and not only appeal in October of each year (and mainly to Americans!)

Happy crafting everyone.