What have I been working on lately???

Well three months have passed and I am really really REALLY loving being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator so far.  I am meeting all my sales targets easily and having a great time hosting classes and workshops and building up a customer base.  Best of all, I am earning my own crafting products for free, yay!

This is just a quick post to keep the blog 'active' and update with some photos of recent projects.  Hope everybody is enjoying their crafting!

Easter Baskets that we made at our March Stamp Club, using the Stampin' Around wheel for the strips that go around the boxes: 

Some cards I made (sold) at Craft Markets this year (of which I have only done two):

Brag-book with matching gift-card for Mothers Day - this one was a custom order, and we also did a similar project at our April Stamp Club:

I just love this vintage Mothers Day card I made my Mum, using some of her own old crochet ribbon she had recently donated to my craft collection:

Sneak-peek into Stamp Club:

In May we decorated jars (middle), this was my practice session at home, can you spot my guilty pleasure???

Thank You card and box of marshmallows I gave to a friend recently:

As you can see, I am slightly into the vintage style at the moment, and I am planning to continue on this theme for our June Stamp Club.  

Also, for a small matter of business/housekeeping, we have changed internet provider at home so my tinykiwi email address no longer works, and I have sadly been unable to find a (free) provider that has my business name free to use, so for now all emails can come to my personal email addy, emilycampbell78@yahoo.co.nz

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I really like that vintage style you are doing lots of, so pretty!! Looks like you have been super busy!


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