The Great Craft Room transformation 2015

So, my hiatus is stretching out a little longer than I expected, whoopsie!  Life with three busy children is hectic at the best of times - I work part-time during school hours, and my husband does shift work, so running the house is no mean feat.  Staying on top of washing, housework, groceries and all those mundane tasks is a never-ending job in itself.  Add in winter illnesses, kids swimming and netball, birthdays and helping out at school and kindy - and well, crafting time is at a premium!  On top of this, my father-in-laws house is now on the market, as we prepare to move him into a retirement village, which has dominated the last couple of months.  It means we haven't gotten around to the finishing touches on our home yet either, but that can wait until the dust settles a little.

So anyways, as I promised, here is my new craft room transformation.  First, here is the "before" picture of my space. This was our downstairs flat that we had tenanted out for 7 years prior to moving in ourselves as part of our home renovations.  This room was a nasty old kitchenette with a wonky floor and broken cabinets, and the bench was on a lean.  It stunk, the door handles were broken and shelves were falling apart.  

We ripped out the whole lot, including the flooring, and stripped it back to a blank slate:

We got the concrete slab levelled and waterproofed, and put in nice new carpet.  The splash back tiles were cemented onto the wall, so we literally had to cut half the wall out and patch up the plaster work.  Then we painted, and moved the plumbing and electrics.  

The new cabinetry arriving was like a dream!  We kept it pretty much in the same position, and kept the sink so that in future, the downstairs area could still be used as a granny flat.  For now though, it is full of crafty goodies and I am LOVING the space - no more squishing into the back of the lounge!

Pretty cool huh?  It is a lot messier now that all my boxes are unpacked and I have 3 WIP scrapbook albums spread out lol, perhaps I will get a chance to have a wee tidy up this week and share an updated pic!

And to finish on a personal note as well, we just recently had a few days holiday with friends, so these are the latest photos making their way into my Project Life albums.

I'm about to start on a wedding album for my sister as well - this is my wee fam back in March.